TST P-TECH Academy Teams Up With Local Industry

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students on tourThe TST P-TECH Academy is developing partnerships with regional business to help educate the future workforce.

A fundamental piece of the P-TECH model includes collaboration with businesses and potential employers. TST P-TECH Academy’s business partners have been instrumental in helping structure curriculum and lay out curricular goals in preparing to launch the program, providing input about what skills are relevant to employers. Business partners were sought out in fields related to the two educational tracks available at the TST P-TECH Academy: computer science and advanced manufacturing.

Now, with its first cohort of students, the TST P-TECH Academy continues to develop the relationship with local industry. The first phase of this focuses on career exploration and exposure to possibilities in the fields students are studying. This includes several facility tours including Rheonix, Macom and C&D Assembly.

At C&D Assembly, an electronics manufacturing business in Groton, students were greeted by the company’s founder and president Jeff Cronk. Cronk is a TST BOCES graduate who studied in the Trade Electricity and Basic Electronics programs when he was in high school. Students received a guided tour of the facility, during which they saw a wide array of manufacturing equipment and had the opportunity to talk with employees building circuit boards.

“Just like when I was a student in the vocational school at TST, programs such as P-TECH are essential for both the students and industry,” Cronk said. “The students can find an industry or skill that interests them, while industry can find young folks with skills and interests to fill their ranks.”

As P-TECH students continue through the six-year program, business partnerships will provide opportunities for mentorships and, eventually, hands-on work experience.