TST BOCES Faculty Participate in Whole Life Challenge

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fruits and vegetablesStarting January 20, 2018 participating TST BOCES staff members will compete in the Whole Life Challenge to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

The Whole Life Challenge is broken down into seven categories, called “habits,” such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and well-being. Participants set goals according to their lifestyles and earn points daily for each habit they complete. Activities include: exercising at least 10 minutes daily, adopting better eating habits, getting a healthy amount of sleep or even spending less time on social media.

Those who choose to participate will compete as part of the TST BOCES team against individuals and teams worldwide in the New Year’s 2018 Challenge.

“The hope is that by learning and practicing healthy lifestyle habits together, we can then more authentically encourage healthy lifestyle habits among our youth,” said Health and Wellness committee member Heather Cooper. “Teaching wellness starts with us living well.”

CTE Exercise Science teacher Aaron Newman will provide the gym equipment in his classroom to faculty looking to work out during the break between his morning and afternoon class periods.

For more information or to sign up visit www.wholelifechallenge.com.