TST BOCES Exceptional Education Students Visit SPCA

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Several TST BOCES Exceptional Education students visited the SPCA of Tompkins County to learn about the humane treatment and protection of animals recently.

The classes took the field trip in honor of “Responsible Pet Owners Month,” “Love Your Pet Day” and also to fulfill a TST BOCES Board expectation (Policy #7150), which reads that all elementary students should receive instruction on the “part they play in the economy of nature as well as the necessity of controlling the proliferation of animals that are subsequently abandoned and caused to suffer extreme cruelty.”

Prior to the visit, the students made treats to take with them to the SPCA, demonstrating their love of animals. One class baked dog treats, another created handmade cat toys and another made cat treats.

The students had the opportunity to talk with SPCA personnel and visit with the animals in their care. The staff brought out a puppy named Max to demonstrate his newly implanted microchip.

“The group talked about the importance of keeping track of our animals, the needs of pets and our responsibility to be good caretakers,” said Exceptional Education Teacher Laura Havill.

The visit concluded with a “story time” regarding the value of the SPCA and all they do to help animals in need.


Braedy Dilger from TST BOCES pets a pup that was recently
implanted with a microchip; Dilger’s class learned about the
humane treatment and protection of animals on a visit to the
SPCA of Tompkins County.