Three Regional Educators Achieve National Board Certification

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three regional educators achieve national board certification

A celebration held at TST BOCES Wednesday, January 31 recognized three regional educators for achieving National Board Certification, a prestigious accomplishment that will greatly benefit the students they work with.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards was established in 1987 to advance the quality of teaching by defining rigorous standards for what teachers should know and be able to do. Achieving National Board Certification recognizes that a teacher has met and maintains the high standard laid out for each of the 25 certificate areas representing 16 disciplines.

The three educators who have achieved National Board Certification are Trish Peterson (TST BOCES), Kristin Kashuba (Dryden) and Jane Koestler (Ithaca). Ten more TST BOCES region teachers are currently pursuing certification, and an additional National Board Certified teacher is renewing their certification. Although the number of National Board Certified Teachers in New York State has increased in recent years, still less than 1% of the state’s educators have achieved National Board Certification.

“At TST BOCES we have set a goal around expanding National Board Certification in our organization and in our region,” said TST BOCES district superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Matteson. “We are very excited about the success of this fine group of teachers who have achieved National Board Certification and see this as the beginning of an expanded recognition of the absolute essential nature of accomplished teaching.”

To achieve National Board Certification, a candidate must complete four “components,” including one computer-based assessment component and three portfolio components, that reflect different aspects of teaching mastery. The components are: teaching practice and learning environment, effective and reflective practitioner, differentiation in instruction and content knowledge. Each component is a robust undertaking designed to test a practitioner’s accomplishments and abilities.

“As our region unifies behind National Board as the gold standard for education our students, our schools and our communities can only benefit,” said Laura Havill, a National Board Certified teacher at TST BOCES who serves as the Regional Coordinator for the National Board Council of New York State in the Southern Tier. “National Boards have lots of research proving that they provide a measurable benefit for our students. When a student is taught by a National Board teacher, they show greater progress. It is even more significant growth for at-risk populations. If we know that pursuing National Board Certification supports teacher growth, improves teaching, benefits students and increases the professional leadership in our schools, why wouldn’t we support it?”

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