Teknologia Project

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teachers working in a groupEducators in the TST BOCES region have access to a new form of professional development through the Teknologia Project.

Centered around the core concepts of creation, learning and joy, the Teknologia Project provides learning opportunities for teachers to explore new ways to engage with technology in the classroom. Participants join groups with different areas of focus, which so far include digital storytelling, drones, trail cameras and robotics.

The Teknologia Project gives teachers a chance to experiment and develop ways to integrate new technology and skills into their lesson plans and bring these new ideas into the classroom.

“Through the Teknologia project, teachers have become the students,” said Amy Drumluk, a literacy technology integration instructional specialist. “They are learning what it feels like to explore new ideas and devices, to be confused, struggle, fail and find successes by engaging in their own hands-on, collaborative learning.”

An emphasis is placed on community building and bringing together teachers who don’t often have the opportunity to work together. Collaboration is fostered among educators who teach across different grade levels and subjects. There are currently teachers participating from each of TST BOCES’ component districts, providing a community throughout the entire region. Groups organize meetings and field trips to get together and further their experiences.

Teknologia also focuses on providing deliverables that demonstrate the benefit of teachers’ involvement.

“By documenting their learning through shared ePortfolios, they submit amazing real-life, real-time reflections that truly demonstrate their learning process and growth.”

The Teknologia Project is supported by a Learning Technology grant from NYSED totaling $600,000 over three years. This funding also provides a stipend for participating educators compensating for their time.

For more information visit the Teknologia Project website: sites.google.com/tstboces.org/teknologia