RAS Community Read

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student readingThis year’s RAS high school community read event kicked off Friday, April 6 with a visit from local writer Shawn Goodman.

Students are reading the book “This Way Home” which was written by Goodman, who also works as a school psychologist at Ithaca High School, and Wes Moore. The book was selected by students through a vote. They’ll spend April reading the book together in their home base period.

After finishing the book each home base group will collaborate on a final project based on their reading. This can include a performance, diorama or any other presentation the students choose as a way of expressing their impressions of the book. Goodman will return to RAS for a culmination event after the conclusion of the community read.

“Experience has taught us that it’s best to read the same book,” said RAS English teacher Suzanne Massa. “It’s nice to hear students talking about the book in the hallways and during lunch. And I’m always blown away by the creative ideas that emerge for our culminating activity.”

Copies of the book were purchased from locally owned bookstore Buffalo Street Books with the help of a grant from the Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library, a not-for-profit membership organization. This year, TST BOCES also acquired four copies of the e-book as a new way for students to engage with the text. In addition to physical copies of the book, home base rooms will be able to view the e-book using a projector allowing students to follow along as they read. E-books were provided with help from Mary Kay Welgoss, the school library system coordinator at TST BOCES.