P-TECH “Humans and the Earth” Project

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humans and the earth project presentationTST P-TECH Academy students presented their “Humans and the Earth” projects at the Shops at Ithaca Mall.

The interdisciplinary assignment involved math, science and history. Students combined research and design to develop and present their projects. In small groups, students picked a subject to explore the relationship between humanity and our environment. They then gathered data on the topic and researched possible threats to the balance of this relationship.

Topics included overfishing, water pollution in the Finger Lakes and reducing food waste. Each group developed potential strategies that could help solve these environmental issues, based on students’ thorough research and driven by real-world data.

Students compiled their research for presentation in brochures to hand out and project display boards. The groups also prepared models and hands-on demonstrations to help illustrate the topics, their findings or their proposed solutions. All materials were designed and created by students in each group. The displays were presented by the students publicly at the Shops at Ithaca Mall.