School Library System

Three students looking for books and standing in a row in a library.

The mission of the Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES School Library System (SLS), a consortium of member school libraries, is to promote access to information and ideas, coordinate resource sharing, and facilitate library growth and development, thereby strengthening the school library media programs of its members as well as improve services to their users.

SLS collaborates with the region’s teacher librarians, to support their library collection development, information literacy curricula, and related automation (Follett Destiny Union Catalog) located in each library. In addition, SLS works with technology staff in both BOCES and the districts to ensure students, teachers, and parents are able to locate and access online databases, print, and non-print resources that support teaching and learning. SLS also provides professional development aligned to school library topics and automated library catalogs.

Process and Information

TST ILL Between TST Schools
TST ILL Stats Form

School Contacts

ILL Contact Information (version to print or download)

Library Code Phone* Email
TST BOCES School Library System TST 257-1555 x 1039
TST BOCES Smith School SMI 257-1555 x 5143
Candor Elementary School CAE 659-3935
Candor Middle/High School CAH 659-5020
Dryden Elementary School DRE 844-8694 x 426
Dryden Middle/High School DRH 844-8694 x 5203
Dryden Primary School DRP 844-9251
George Junior Republic GJR 844-6291
Groton Elementary School GRE 898-5853 x 1460
Groton Middle/High School GRH 898-5803/898-5892
Immaculate Conception ICS 273-2707 Call for ILL
Ithaca Belle Sherman Annex ITBSA 274-2350
Ithaca Belle Sherman Elementary School ITBS 272-4285
Ithaca Beverly J. Martin Elementary School ITBJM 274-2345
Ithaca Boynton Middle School ITB 274-2247
Ithaca Caroline Elementary School ITCA 539-6030
Ithaca Cayuga Heights Elementary School ITCH 882-9874
Ithaca Dewitt Middle School ITD 882-9858
Ithaca Enfield Elementary School ITEN 277-5468
Ithaca Fall Creek Elementary School ITFC 277-5256
Ithaca High School ITH 274-2186
Ithaca Lehman Alternative Community School ITA 274-2308
Ithaca Northeast Elementary School ITNE 882-9860
Ithaca South Hill Elementary School ITSH 272-3651
Lansing Elementary School LAE 533-4183 x 1125
Lansing High School LAH 533-3020 x 3200
Lansing Middle School LAM 533-4271 x 2101
Newfield Elementary School NEE 564-9955 x 1030
Newfield Middle/High School NEH 564-9955 x 3105
South Seneca Elementary School SOE 869-9636 x 4130
South Seneca Middle/High School SOH 869-9636 x 4142
Trumansburg Elementary School TBE 387-7551 x 2027
Trumansburg High School TBH 387-7551 x 3218
Trumansburg Middle School TBM 387-7551 x 218

*All phone numbers are in area code 607

Contact Us

Mary Kay Welgoss
Coordinator of School Library System
607-257-1555, ext. 1033