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Requesting Professional Development Support from SIS

In-District PD for Educators e-Request
Guide to Creating the In-District PD for Educators e-Request

Frontline Professional Growth (formerly MyLearningPlan)

TST BOCES aims to provide high quality workshops at a minimum cost to districts. Registration fees and substitute costs are frequently eligible for aid through BOCES CoSer 505 , CoSer 516, or through TST BOCES component districts. For most other districts in NYS, registration fees are frequently eligible for aid through cross-contract with TST BOCES.

TST BOCES Workshop Fees Process

In general, TST BOCES charges workshop fees based on attendance so districts are charged after an activity takes place. Exceptions include:

1. If a district employee has chosen the self-pay option during registration, TST BOCES will attempt to collect the enrollment fee directly from the individual unless the district contacts TST BOCES School Improvement Services directly to indicate that it intends to cover the cost.

2. If TST BOCES is not the provider of the workshop, the fee may be collected/charged to the district prior to the workshop. Individual enrollments may be administratively dropped for nonpayment by the payment due date or one week prior to the activity start date, whichever comes first.

3. If TST BOCES has contracted with an outside consultant to run an activity, districts will be charged after the workshop for all individuals that were registered (even if they did not attend).  Payment will not be collected for registrations dropped at least one week week prior to the activity start date.  Districts may choose to replace current enrollments at any time without penalty so long as their attendee numbers do not decrease.  Fees for these types of workshops are comprised of total consultant fees, cost for materials, and/or food provided.  This total is then divided by the required minimum number of enrollments as determined by the consultant. If this minimum is not met by a reasonable date prior to the activity, the workshop will be canceled.

Whether a district uses Frontline Professional Growth or not, individuals from any district can register for Professional Development activities provided through TST BOCES. Registration fees and substitute costs are BOCES aidable through CoSer 505.

It is important that individuals follow their district’s procedures surrounding workshop and conference registrations. Registrants are not considered to be officially enrolled until TST BOCES receives payment (PO, cross-contract, money order) and confirmation of approval from the registrant’s district.  For individuals from non-Frontline Professional Growth Districts, enrollment is not official until TST BOCES receives their enrollment form with required signature of an authorized administrator.

1. Log in (you should log on with your USER account to ensure appropriate approval processes)
2. Click on the TST BOCES catalogue
3. Navigate through the activity list and click on the desired activity title
4. Use the “Click to Enroll” button (located either at the very top or bottom of the screen depending on your system)
5. Verify/update your personal information
6. Choose appropriate payment type
7. Read the disclaimer, check the “Confirmation” box and click on the orange “I Agree” button

1. Visit the TST BOCES WebReg Catalog to view available activities
2. Navigate through the activity list and click on the desired activity title
3. Use the “Click to Enroll” button (located either at the very top or bottom of the screen depending on your system)
4. Select the appropriate option (new users continue to step 5, registered users skip to step 7)
5. New users should follow the on-screen directions and provide information as requested (after a new user has created an account, they are considered a “registered user”)
6. New users should come back to this page after creating their account and click on the link in step 1
7. Verify/update your personal information if prompted
8. Choose appropriate payment type
9. Read the disclaimer, check the “Confirmation” box and click on the orange “I Agree” button
10. Open and print the enrollment form for administrator approval/signatures. This form MUST be sent to TST BOCES School Improvement Services by mail or fax (607) 257-2825

Substitute Reimbursement

Request for Substitute Reimbursement

Districts/Schools are responsible for paying substitutes directly. 

Districts are responsible for requesting reimbursement for substitute expenses through TST BOCES School Improvement Services by completing the Substitute Reimbursement Form and following the reimbursement process outlined below.  Not all substitute expenses are reimbursable/aidable.

Reimbursement forms received prior to June 1 will be processed during the current fiscal year.  Forms received after June 1 will be processed using funds from the upcoming year.               

School Improvement Services periodically sends a “Substitute Reimbursement Report” to district business officials, superintendents, and district curriculum/PD coordinators for all workshops held at or co-sponsored by TST BOCES.  This report lists workshop title, date/time, attendees, and the sponsoring CoSer.  Districts are responsible for providing substitute names and costs.

Substitute reimbursements related to in-district PD can be processed with the following sections of the substitute reimbursement form completed: District Information, Substitute Table, and District Business Official.

Important reminders:

  • Forms must be legible
  • Forms must be signed by the District Superintendent/Designee and the District Business Official
  • Districts are responsible for maintaining sufficient CoSer funds
  • Forms may be submitted by email, mail or fax to TST BOCES/SIS.
  • TST BOCES/SIS will contact the district if the reimbursement request is denied or if there are insufficient funds in the CoSer.
  • TST BOCES is responsible for processing reimbursements in a timely fashion via a Purchase Order
  • TST BOCES/SIS will issue payment from District CoSer funds and send documentation of payment to the District

Professional Development Payments

Teachers are responsible for ensuring that their district provides all required documentation to TST BOCES for any payment requests.

  1. Employee Paperwork must be sent to TST BOCES prior to request for payment.  Districts are responsible for verifying that all employment forms are current and on file with the TST BOCES payroll office including:
  • Income Tax forms: W-4 Federal Tax Withholding and IT-2104 State Tax Withholding
    New forms must be completed each time an employee’s physical address or name has changed – failure to update forms will result in delay of check and W-2 delivery.
  • Retirement Information Form
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification: Signatures and dates must be complete.  Copies of required ID must be clear and legible.  Please refer to I-9 instructions for acceptable forms of ID and form instructions.
  1. TST BOCES SIS Professional Development Time sheetMust be complete, accurate, and submitted after the project or workshop is finished.
  2. Employee and District complete their portions of the TST SIS Professional Development Payment Time Sheet
  3. District verifies completion of the curriculum project and/or employee attendance at workshop.
  4. District sends time sheet to TST BOCES (scan and email or hard copies in inter-office mail, NOT BOTH)
  5. Copies of time sheets will be given to the CBO if the district pays more than the BOCES amount.
  6.  Tips:
    • Complete all required parts of the form using a blue/black ballpoint pen.  Writing must be legible
    • Email address should be the employee’s official school email
    • Activity Date(s) and Times refer to the actual date(s) and times the project or workshop took place
    • Activity Title should be the one official title that all participants in this project or workshop will use


  • Payroll dates are the 15th and last day of each month or the last business day preceding these dates if they occur on a holiday or weekend ( be paid on 5/15, paperwork is due by 4/30).
  • Paperwork for each payroll is due by the preceding payroll payment date so that TST BOCES can issue payment to individuals with the next scheduled payroll.
  • TST BOCES will pay the amount on the Time Sheet from the District’s funds plus the amount for benefits. If sufficient funds are not available through the initial contract amount, the District must submit a COSER increase form.
  • TST BOCES will send each District a list of certified staff in the payroll system and a memo explaining the purpose and process for professional development payments once per year or whenever there are changes to the process.
  • Districts are responsible for communicating this information and any changes in procedure to their certified teaching staff.

TST BOCES reserves the right to refuse payments for Districts or Teachers that do not provide the required paperwork.  Districts and Teachers will be notified of this decision in writing.

Consultant & Resource Requests

Request for Resources 2019-2020

Request for Consultant Services 2018 2019

Consultant Contract Form

W-9 Form

In response to district requests for consultant services, TST BOCES is responsible for establishing a Consultant Contract and paying the consultant. The payment process often takes 6‐8 weeks as approval of the TST BOCES BOE is required; therefore this form must be returned well ahead of the intended date of work for payment to proceed in a timely fashion.

IMPORTANT: Consultants are required to provide to TST BOCES a copy of their completed W-9 as well as an invoice that mirrors the content and description of services indicated on the Consultant Contract. Payments will not be made without a copy of the W-9 on file and failure to provide an invoice to TST BOCES School Improvement will result in delay of payment or no payment for services.

How long is a Consultant Contract valid?  Contracts submitted for TST BOCES BOE approval are valid for the fiscal year in which approved. The fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30. A new consultant contract and BOE approval is needed for each fiscal year.

Is your Consultant Contract approved? Check the ‘Meetings’ tab on the TST BOCES Board of Education page.

You will be contacted by a TST BOCES representative if there is an issue with your Consultant Contract or if it is not accepted by our Board of Education.

Consultant Services

  1. Before services are used, District completes the following sections of the “Request for Consultant Services” form:  District Information, Consultant Information, and District Business Official.
  2. District Superintendent/Designee and the District Business Official sign the form.
  3. District sends the forms by mail, email or fax to TST BOCES/SIS.
  4. TST BOCES/SIS confirms receipt and approval of request and contacts the consultant to initiate a new consultant contract or to adjust existing one.  TST BOCES is responsible for paying the Consultant, usually via a Purchase Order.  TST BOCES/SIS will encumber the amount on the Request for Consultant services from the District’s funds.  Payments will be made from an invoice from the Consultant.
  5. Consultant sends invoice to the district where the work was performed and a copy to TST BOCES/SIS.
  6. District Superintendant/Designee approves/signs invoice from Consultant and forwards invoice to TST BOCES/SIS for payment.
  7. TST BOCES/SIS issues payment to Consultant.

Consultant Services – if beyond initial “not to exceed” amount

  1. District completes “Request for Consultant Services” form with updated information and forwards information to TST BOCES/SIS.
  2. District sends COSER Change Form (to increase contract funds to sufficient amount).
  3. TST BOCES/SIS confirms receipt and approval of request, encumbers the increase from the District’s funds, and notifies the consultant of changes.   Payments to Consultants proceed as above.

Professional Development Resources/Books

  1. District completes the “Request for Resources/Books” form including these sections: District Information, Purchasing Information, and District Business Official.  Purchasing Information must be complete.
  2. District Superintendent/Designee and the District Business Official sign the form.
  3. District sends COSER Change Form (if sufficient funds are not available in the initial contract).
  4. District sends the forms by mail, email or fax to TST BOCES/SIS.
  5. SIS confirms receipt and approval of request.  Unless otherwise arranged,  TST BOCES will purchase the resources requested on behalf of the district.  When the resources arrive, the District contact will be notified and arrangements for pick up or delivery of supplies will be made.