Exploratory Enrichment

Exploratory Enrichment focuses on supporting school-day opportunities for students in the areas of multicultural education, diversity education, and problem-based/project-based learning.  This program also supports the TST BOCES Creative Writing Contest and All-County/NYSSMA music initiatives.

CFJ_0GSUUAAmOOuChristian Parrish aka Supaman Visited Tompkins County Schools November 23rd and 24th, 2015

Christian’s presentation combined Native American culture, humor, and urban hip hop culture which dazzles audiences, captivates listeners and breaks down stereotypes. For this he has gained the respect of his culture and generation. He is a champion fancy dancer traveling extensively on the powwow circuit throughout the U.S and Canada and lives a drug and alcohol free life. He also is a champion clown dancer and a Native American Flute player which adds to his uniqueness as a role model. The communicative talent along with the compassion that exudes from his life allows him to connect with people from all walks of life. His uncanny ability to motivate, encourage, and inspire through dance, humor and music keeps him at the forefront among his contemporaries.

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