Arts in Education


Arts in Education focuses on supporting school-day opportunities for students in the area of the fine and performing arts.

Transportation, food and lodging cannot be run through the COSER. If a trip is to a venue, such as Medieval Times, where dinner is included in the admission price, the cost of the food must be separated out. Only admission can be covered in the COSER.

Participants should differentiate between field trips that are fun but not educational versus field trips that have a connection to the arts curriculum. Only trips in the USA and Canada are allowed. If an art teacher is on the trip and has an arts lesson plan, the trip can run through the COSER if the following conditions are met:

  • All students are attending
  • Provisions are made for those students who cannot afford the cost of the trip
  • Transportation, food and lodging are not paid for through the COSER
  • There is a lesson plan on file showing how the trip relates to the arts
  • In order for the activity to qualify for the Arts-in-Education COSER, the transportation must be paid for by the district, not a parent or student group.

Please also note the following:

  • All museums visits are allowed
  • Schools cannot make gifts of public funds. There cannot be any material benefit to the student such as food, souvenirs, or gifts.
  • Supplies and materials can only be funded in conjunction with a visiting artist.
  • Professional development workshops and conferences are allowed, but membership fees and dues are not allowed.
  • Student registration fees for music and art competitions and festivals are acceptable. Although NYSSMA membership and conference fees are allowed, music competitions out of state are not allowed.

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