About Us

Barry Derfel
Barry Derfel

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
607-257-1551, ext. 1004

I help lead and support schools in their efforts to provide the best possible learning environment for all students.


Mary Lou Szabol
Senior Account Clerk Typist
607-257-1551, ext. 1030

Lisa Bishop Oltz
Administrative Assistant
607-257-1551, ext. 1017

Heidi Bock
Administrative Assistant
607-257-1551, ext. 1048

Cooperative Enrichment

Sunshine Miller
Coordinator of Cooperative Enrichment
607-257-1551, ext. 1013

Sunny is responsible for supporting Exploratory Enrichment, Arts in Education, and Environmental Education. Exploratory Enrichment focuses on supporting school-day opportunities for students in the areas of multicultural education, diversity education, and problem-based/project-based learning. This program also supports the TST BOCES Creative Writing Contest and All-County/NYSSMA music initiatives. Arts in Education focuses on supporting school-day opportunities for students in the area of the fine and performing arts. Environmental Education focuses on supporting school-day opportunities for students in the areas of environmental appreciation and awareness, sustainability, and other environmental issues or problems.

Model Schools

Justin DiMatteo
Technology Integration Instructional Specialist
607-257-1551, ext. 1018
T: @justin_dimatteo

Through ongoing professional development, I work with teachers to provide the supports needed to help them effectively integrate technology for the benefit of all students.  My work is focused on strengthening student learning outcomes by integrating technology with quality instruction and curricula.

Amy Drumluk
Literacy Technology Integration Instructional Specialist
607-257-1551, ext 1029
T: @AmyDrumluk

By empowering teachers and students across the region to effectively use technology in support of engaged, collaborative learning, students will develop lifelong problem solving skills in the area of technology and literacy. My focus is to provide professional development opportunities to educators by integrating technology with literacy curriculum and quality instructional practices.

Matt O’Donnell
Shared Technology Integration Instructional Specialist
607-257-1551, ext. 1064
T: @edtechmro

My goal is to help administrators, teachers, and students harness current educational technologies to make learning more engaging, accessible, collaborative, and efficient. I believe all students can become more empowered lifelong learners by practicing the responsible use of technology from a young age. These empowered learners will be the problem-solvers of the 21st century.

Brian VanGorder
Shared Technology Integration Instructional Specialist
607-257-1551, ext.
T: @mistervango

Paul Wiech
Technology Integration Instructional Specialist
607-257-1551, ext. 1012
T: @PaulWiech

My focus is on connecting teachers and students to technology tools that can help them become more engaged, collaborative and effective in their learning process. My goal is to assist teachers in helping students develop their 21st century skills in an individualized and relevant environment that truly creates college and career ready graduates.

Professional Development

Beth Dryer
Regional Coordinator of Curriculum and Professional Development
607-257-1551, ext. 1040

Our Regional Coordinator of Curriculum and Professional Development uses a wide range of student outcome data to coordinate regional curriculum and professional development efforts. This work focuses on organizational change, participants’ use of new knowledge and skills, and student learning.

Lauren Faessler
Shared Coordinator for Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Professional Development

Lauren devotes 80% of her time facilitating curriculum and instructional improvement work with teacher leaders, district leaders, and school organizations in Lansing Central School District. She spends the other 20% of her time supporting program approval and academic integration efforts with the TST Career and Technical Education program.

Jennifer Gondek
Inclusive Education Instructional Specialist
607-257-1551, ext. 1045

I work with the TST BOCES component districts at the district, building, and classroom level to increase capacity to meet the needs of all learners, including students with disabilities. In addition, I support the regional priorities in literacy at the K-5 level by working collaboratively with our team and districts. For more information on Inclusive Education, please visit my website!

Allison Peet
Mathematics Instructional Specialist
607-257-1551, ext. 1051

I am responsible for planning and implementing a customized, professional development service for component school districts in the area of mathematics. My efforts are focused on the current transition to the Common Core Learning Standards, including curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

School Library System

Mary Kay Welgoss
Coordinator for School Library System
607-257-1555, ext. 1033

Mary Kay collaborates with the region’s school librarians to develop information literacy curricula, grow library collections and manage automation systems (Follett Destiny Union Catalog) located in each library. In addition, she works with technology staff both at BOCES and in the districts to ensure students, teachers, and parents are able to locate and access online databases, media, print, and non-print resources that support teaching and learning. She also provides professional development aligned to school library topics for teachers and librarians in our region.

Michelle Barr
Clerk for School Library System
607-257-1551, ext. 1039

Special Education School Improvement Specialist

Michelle Pronti
Coordinator of SESIS
607-257-1551, ext. 2042

Special Education School Improvement Specialists (SESIS) work in collaboration with regional specialists and school-based teams utilizing the Quality Improvement Process (QIP) to analyze data, review district practices, prioritize needs and support districts through professional development in the target areas of literacy, positive behavioral supports and special education delivery for students with disabilities.  SESIS work with targeted districts within the Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES region as identified by NYSED or through the regional planning process. Visit the SESIS home page for more information.

Youth Development

Jennifer Astles-Steinmetz
Youth Development Coordinator
Regional Dignity Act Coordinator

607-257-1551, ext. 1015

As Youth Development Coordinator, I lead and assist a team of Youth Development Services Specialists as we work toward increasing the achievement and connectedness of all students by addressing needs related to social-emotional wellness.  I provide professional development, trainings, classroom presentations and technical support to school staff, parents and students on topics related to the Dignity Act, creating a caring school climate and social-emotional wellness.

Alicia Grey
Youth Development Service Specialist
607-257-1551, ext. 1020

I provide one-to-one student support, social skill building group facilitation and prevention lessons primarily in the Candor, Trumansburg and Ithaca City School Districts.  As a certified Second Step® trainer I create and distribute a Second Step® newsletter three times per year for parents and teachers in the Groton and South Seneca School districts, as well as professional development and technical support to component districts implementing the curriculum. I also work with component districts and local agencies to implement the Above the Influence “Tag It” Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to increase teens’ awareness about the power of influence in their environment and how influence may prompt them to make decisions. For more information, please call me at 607-257-1551, ext. 1020, or visit my Twitter Account for updates: @TST_YDP

John North
Youth Development Service Specialist
607-257-1551, ext. 1021

The majority of my time is dedicated to the students at DeWitt Middle School, where I provide one-to-one support, social skill building group facilitation and assistance in the creation of a caring an inclusive school climate. I also implement the Second Step curriculum at Groton Jr./Sr. High School. Additionally, I provide professional development to component districts on an as-needed basis.