Hour of Code in Smith School

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student codes a robotSmith School students participated in the “Hour of Code,” a grassroots campaign designed to encourage wider participation in computer science.

Jennifer Merkle’s Turning Point high school class hosted students from other classes who visited to partake in a variety of coding-based activities. Students were able to play with programmable Ozobots, engage with activities from the Hour of Code website and play a board game called Code Master. Activities on the Hour of Code website are organized by grade level and topic, allowing students to choose based on their interests and skill level.

“I worked with a few teachers across the building to get students together for the Hour of Code,” Ms. Merkle said. “It was a great opportunity to mesh computer science and social-emotional learning. Students were excited and had positive things to say about the event!”

The Hour of Code accompanies the nationwide Computer Science Education Week and coincides with TST BOCES’ efforts with the CSforAll Consortium to promote computer science education for students of all grade levels throughout the region. The goal is to make computer science education accessible to every student and to broaden participation in the field of computer science.