Fire Station Field Trip

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510a6e_2da480ad463f4d518d6ed4c177d03e9f.jpg_srz_p_295_243_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzTwo firefighters, a man and a woman, talked about their uniforms. They weigh about 50 pounds. They need to put on their uniform in two minutes. They also wear a tank of oxygen on their back. When it runs out of air it beeps. It also beeps when the firefighter hasn’t moved for a few seconds because maybe he/she has passed out and the other fire fighter would go check. We saw a video that showed fire filling a room in two mintues with fire and smoke. You should stay low in a smoke-filled room. We saw the different firetrucks, water, ladders and an ambulance. We were able to sit in the driver’s seat. We saw the woman firefighters come down the pole from the 2nd floor. In Ithaca there are four fire stations with 60 men and five women firefighters.