Energy Management

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Why do we need energy management?

EPA: One out of every four dollars spent on energy in U.S. schools is wasted. Conservatively, 25% = $1.5 billion annually. Energy (heating fuel, electricity and water) costs can total as much as 1.5% to 3.5% of a school district’s annual budget. Due to limited financial resources for K-12 education, ongoing cost reductions are an unavoidable reality. Reducing a district’s expenditures for energy can be a positive result for all parties.

Services Provided

  • Working with the administrative and facilities teams to provide leadership for the development and implementation of energy conservation efforts within the district.
    Develop and implement district-wide tracking of energy consumption and costs.
  • Assist districts to participate in programs that publicly acknowledge their successful energy conservation efforts: EPA Energy Star, Green Globes, Green Ribbon Schools, etc.
  • Perform training activities on energy conservation methods for faculty and staff.

Energy Management Clients

School Districts

Candor Central School District
Chenango Forks School District
Dryden Central School District
Ithaca City School District
Johnson City Central School District
Newfield Central School District
South Seneca Central School District
Trumansburg Central School District


Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES


List of EMS Services
TST BOCES Energy Management Powerpoint 2015
TST EMS Program Performance Score Card
TST Energy Management Program Brochure
TST Energy Performance Contract

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Senior Energy Management Coordinator
607-257-1551, ext. 6020

Joyce Turner
Clerk (Energy Watchdog data entry)
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HVAC Specialist
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