Transcript Instructions

It is recommended that you complete a transcript review if you will be requesting a Letter of Equivalency for your child from your home district. Prior to the transcript review, please refer to your Quarterly Reports/IHIPs in completing the transcript form for your child and send the completed transcript form to the Home Instruction office. Once the form is received, a meeting will be scheduled with the Home Instruction director to review the transcripts and all supporting documents representing your child’s high school education.

Once the transcript review is complete, all supporting documentation is confirmed and the final fourth Quarter Report is received by the Home Instruction office, the Home Instruction director will request the Letter of Equivalency from your home district. This can take some time, so please plan accordingly based on your child’s goals for the future.

It is highly recommended that you keep an updated transcript if your child does want a letter of equivalency. This ensures that all requirements have been met, and you are on track to receiving your letter of equivalency. A transcript review can be conducted with the home instruction office at TST BOCES during the 10th or 11th grade year, and is highly recommended. A final transcript review will be conducted by the home instruction office toward the end of 12th grade, prior to requesting a letter of equivalency from your district of residency.

We understand that plans may change as your child matures, so use this worksheet as a guide to help decide which courses your child should take so that you ensure as many options as possible by the end of the home instruction high school education.

Recommendations for Parents

  • Keep records of all IHIPs, Quarterly Reports and Year-End Assessments. You may be required to produce these records for college admission.
  • Be aware that home-instructed children are now required to have a either a Letter of Equivalency signed by the Superintendent or a High School Equivalency Diploma if your child wants to receive a degree from a university or college in New York State.
  • Submit paperwork all the way through the end of the school year that your child turns 16. If you choose not to submit the instructional records for your child the following year (although not legally required to submit paperwork for home instruction), you will be lacking what is required for a Letter of Equivalency from your Superintendent and the Home Instruction office will not have all the necessary supporting documentation to request a Letter of Equivalency for your child.
  • Per home school regulations, 2 units of Math, 2 units of Science, and 3 units of electives are required and a foreign language is not required. However, current high school students in New York State who will be earning their diploma are now required to have 3 units of Math, 3 Units of Science, 1 unit of Foreign Language, and 3 ½ units of electives to graduate. If you are planning on post-secondary education and will be requesting a Letter of Equivalency, it is highly recommended that you complete these additional units.

**Online Programs May Affect Postsecondary Education Plans**

The State Education Department has published correspondence identifying out-of-state online programs as having the potential to negatively impact a homeschooled child’s postsecondary education plans.  NYSED issued a letter in March 2008 indicating that when a student has completed a high school program through correspondence study, the correspondence school must be recognized, authorized, or approved by the state educational entity where the correspondence school is located.  Since the New York State Education Department has not registered a high school program of correspondence study to meet NYS requirements, residents of NYS may not use this type of program to meet requirements for secondary education in NYS.  A follow-up memo in January 2015 warned that some online schools have been claiming that they have national accreditation but a national high school jurisdiction or multi-state/national accreditation does not currently exist for high school.  According to the memo, “the Board of Regents does not approve correspondence study, including on-line, as equivalent to a high school diploma for New York State Residents” and “until such time as the Board of Regents approves an on-line or correspondence study program as authorized to award a high school diploma, correspondence study and on-line diplomas are not valid for individuals who are New York State residents at the time they received the on-line diploma.”  If your child plans to pursue a postsecondary education, please make sure you read these two documents carefully.

March 20, 2008 NYSED Letter

January 21, 2015 NYSED Memo

Transcript Form

After reviewing the instructions above, please complete and return this transcript form. If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible.