Cooking International Food in RAS

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teacher and student cooking togetherSpirit week in the TST BOCES Regional Alternative School (RAS) culminated in a meal featuring international dishes prepared by students and staff in their home bases.

Each home base group picked what food they wanted to bring to share with the rest of RAS, including Mexican empanadas, Swedish meatballs, Caribbean mango salsa and sweet potato balls and Japanese shabu shabu. Students and home base leaders worked together to prepare each dish with individuals in each group organically choosing the roles in which they could be most productive, allowing students in each home base group to take charge.

In addition to preparing the food, students used this as an opportunity to learn about the nation each dish originated from. Posters that presented the students’ research and the facts they learned about these nations and their cultures were made to accompany the delicious food.

This event was put together by Erick Whelpley and Suzanne Massa’s home base group and was inspired by the ongoing success of the RAS annual Thanksgiving. Whelpley and Massa first suggested the idea to the students in their home base, who then helped organize the event.

The activity gave students a unique way to interact with peers in their home bases and provided a chance for all RAS students and staff to come together for a communal meal. Everyone shared and ate together, providing an excellent community-building activity and fitting culmination to spirit week.