Substitute Calling Services

For teacher absences, TST BOCES offers a fully automated substitute calling service for teachers and substitutes in participating component school districts. At this time, the participating school districts are Candor, Dryden, Groton, Ithaca, Lansing, Newfield, South Seneca and Trumansburg.

Substitutes wishing to work in any of the TST BOCES component schools except the Ithaca City School District and the Groton School District, can use our regional application form. To access these forms, please go to the links below.

The automated substitute calling system uses Aesop, which is a substitute placement and absence management system available by phone and online.

Crystal Powers is the contact person at TST BOCES for problems and questions related to Aesop. She can be reached by email at or by calling 607-257-1551, ext. 1047 during regular business hours (7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday while school is in session).


Groton Substitute Application
Regional Substitute Application
Substitute Expectations

How to Use the System or by phone (800) 942-3767

Aesop, powered by Frontline Technologies, is a user-friendly human capital management solution. Its automated nature saves time and improves efficiency for school districts. Through the system, teachers can register absences 24/7, send files or lesson plans, receive alerts from the district, and customize a preference list to ensure the best substitute is in the classroom. To get started and to familiarize yourself with the new system, check out the Aesop website.

Administrator Registry Form
Nurse/Healthcare Employee Registry Profile Form (Ithaca District Only)
Nurse/Healthcare Substitute Registry Profile Form (Ithaca District Only)
Subfinder Employee Registry Form
Substitute Registry Forms

Campus User Quick Start Guide to Aesop
Employee Quick Start Guide to Aesop
Substitute Quick Start Guide for Aesop