Coaching Certification

Non-Teacher Coaching Licenses

Non-teacher coaching licenses are issued by the local BOCES only. If you are coaching in a District that is not one of the TST BOCES Component schools, do not assign the application to TST BOCES. Assign the application to the BOCES that is linked to the District you are coaching in. Also, do not assign applications for non-teacher coaching licenses to the State Education Department. All applications for coaching licenses are handled at the local BOCES level only. Support documentation for your coaching applications for those coaching in a local district must be sent to:

Mary Kay LaLonde

555 Warren Rd.  Ithaca, NY 14850

Documents may be sent via the inter-school “bus mail” or via US Mail.

Certified Teacher Coaches

Those who hold a valid NYS classroom teaching license, or those who hold a valid certificate in pupil personnel, and who wish to coach, please see page 4 of the Guidelines for the Coaching Requirements. Please note, those who hold a valid Teaching Assistant certificate must still apply for the appropriate coaching certificate in TEACH.

Volunteer Coaching

Anyone providing instruction/guidance to a student athlete must hold NYS Certification. Volunteer Coaches are held to the same requirements as a paid coach in order to obtain their certification. Many Districts are concerned with entering the Superintendent’s Statement for a Volunteer Coach. Here is information on entering the Superintendent’s Statement in TEACH.

Temporary Coaching Licenses

Non-teacher coaches must apply every year for the appropriate coaching license (for each sport), except when the 3-year Professional license is held. The application is done online in TEACH. A help document is available for those not familiar with this.

State Ed has not allowed for multiple sports be placed on one Temporary Coaching License since June 2009. One is required to submit and pay for an application for each and every sport you need a Temporary Coaching License for. Temporary Coaching Licenses are District-specific, meaning the certificate allows the person to coach in one particular district.

The very first time you apply for a coaching license in the sport, you will be applying for a Temporary Coaching License. The second year you coach the sport, you will apply for a Temporary 1st Renewal coaching license. The subsequent years (until you meet the requirements for a Professional License) you will need to apply for the Temporary 2nd-4th Renewal coaching license.

3-Year Professional Coaching Certificate

Professional Coaching certificates must be applied for online as well in TEACH. Professional Coaching certificates allow the coach to work in any district in the State. They are not District-specific.

Outline of coaching process – this document provides a summary of the process and lists the help documents you should find (and print) to get you through the application process.
Coaching Requirements and Documentation needed for each application level this document lists what you need to send to the Certification Office for each of the levels of coaching certificates you are seeking.
Guidelines for Coaching Requirements – This link has a lot of valuable information. Please see Courses accepted as meeting the CPR/First Aid requirement IF you do not complete the First Aid or CPR courses through the TST BOCES Coser. These are listed on page 19 of this link.

Additional Information

Since the State no longer prints and mails teaching/coaching licenses that have an expiration date, it is advised that you print your own proof of certification/licensure and put it in your play book, stats book or somewhere else to provide the proof should you be asked for it. Click on  Proof of Coaching Licensure, enter the required info, then once you find your record, find the small tools icon in the upper right corner. That icon  will provide a menu to choose from. You can print proof from there. Or, you can do a print screen (there is a key on the keyboard that will say PrtScn, click on that) open a word document, place it in the word document, then print that page.

Not all First Aid and CPR courses are acceptable for coaching certification. When you register for your course, be sure to state that it is for coaching certification. Material covered in class may differ from those taught for cafeteria workers, bus drivers, teacher aides or other areas where First Aid/CPR is required. Also confirm that the card will read exactly as is listed on the list of accepted First Aid and CPR courses. The American Red Cross Standard First Aid course is NOT APPROVED for the First Aid requirement for coaching certification. Many coaches make the mistake of taking this course without referring to the list! If you have completed a course that is not listed as approved by NYSED, you must re-take the course from an approved course/provider prior to the issuance of your license/certificate. Please be sure to check the list of accepted First Aid and CPR courses, to assure you have taken  (or have registered for) one that will be accepted for your license.

Cards that expire before or mid-season in the coaching term will not be accepted.

If the district you coach in has subscribed to COSER 506, you may be eligible to take the Basic Life Support courses offered through TST BOCES. These courses are the ones that are through an approved agency that uses the course outlines and time requirements set by SED, therefore approved for the CPR and First Aid requirements. Check with your Athletic Director for the date/time your District has scheduled the classes.

When you apply for your certificate, some of the fields may show as “met” with a check mark next to it, while others will not show as met, even though you have submitted the appropriate documentation. Do not be alarmed if you encounter this with your file. Some fields (including First Aid and CPR) must be manually tripped to “met” by the evaluator. Always send a copy of your First Aid and CPR cards showing a current/valid date directly to the BOCES Regional Certification Office (RCO).

TST BOCES Coaching Course Offering and Required workshop information

TST BOCES Adult Ed. Dept. provides the required Coaching classes on a rotating schedule. Pre-registration is required for each class – Contact the Adult Ed office at 257-1561 for more information. Additional options can be found using the links below:

Applying for Coaching Certification in TEACH Online help document
Approved Child Abuse workshop providersscroll to the section “Distance Learning” at the end for online providers
Approved Coaching class providers
Approved First Aid/CPR class providers
Approved SAVE workshop providers
Coaching Course Equivalent Form
Commissioners Regulations for HPER (Part 135)
Concussion Management and Awareness Act requirement
Online Coaching coaching class providers – approved provider list
PE and Coaching “Toolkit”
Physical Education curriculum, Instruction and Instructional Teaching Information
Superintendent Statement for Volunteer Coaches

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