TST BOCES Receives Grant from Park Foundation

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TST BOCES Energy Management has recently received a $70,000 grant from the Park Foundation to support the hiring of a new HVAC Specialist. This HVAC specialist will expand the benefits of TST BOCES’ Energy Management service at no additional cost to the districts, thanks largely to support from the Park Foundation’s grant. Component districts will […]

Mary Hutchens and Sarah Tarrow

Racker Centers’ Staff at TST BOCES Soon to Transition

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After more than 40 years working with Franziska Racker Centers at TST BOCES, Mary Hutchens will be retiring from her position as Director of Counseling for School Success. Racker Centers collaborates with TST BOCES to partner teachers in Smith School with clinical social workers and psychiatrists. By working closely with teachers, they are able to […]

c-t-e student working with r-a-s eighth grader

RAS Middle School Students Get a Taste of Career and Tech Classes

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Six RAS students in eighth grade are participating in the Junior Career and Tech (JCAT) program to experience some CTE classes firsthand. Every other week, on Wednesday morning, the RAS students work with the second-year CTE students to learn some of the skills taught in those classes. This year, students visit the welding, outdoor power […]

regional educators learning new approaches to c-s education

CSforALL Consortium and TST BOCES Work To Advance Computer Science Education

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Component districts in the TST BOCES region are continuing to develop computer science curricula with the collaboration of the CSforALL Consortium and a substantial grant from Dell. The grant, totaling $140,000, includes cutting edge equipment including a 3D printer, microcomputers, 360-degree cameras, virtual reality systems and Parrot Bebop Drones. The equipment can be used by […]

fruits and vegetables

TST BOCES Faculty Participate in Whole Life Challenge

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Starting January 20, 2018 participating TST BOCES staff members will compete in the Whole Life Challenge to encourage a healthier lifestyle. The Whole Life Challenge is broken down into seven categories, called “habits,” such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and well-being. Participants set goals according to their lifestyles and earn points daily for each habit they […]