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Home Instruction

Welcome to Home Instruction.

The following school districts subscribe to the TST BOCES Home Instruction Service:  Dryden, Groton, Ithaca, Lansing, and South Seneca School Districts.

If you wish to home school your child, you must send a letter of intent to the Director of External Programs.  The Director works very closely with your school's Superintendent.  The Director is a support person and can assist you or answer any questions you might have about Home Instruction.

The letter of intent must include your name and address, your child's name (first, middle, and last), birth date, grade the instruction will take place, as well as the duration that the instruction will occur (for example from September 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013).  This letter is due in the office on July 1st or within fourteen days of commencing Home Instruction.

Paperwork can be sent to: Diahann Hesler,  Director of External Programs, TST BOCES, 555 Warren Road, Ithaca, NY  14850. Email is also a great way to communicate and save on postage and paper. Please send e-mail to

The basic requirements for home schooling your child are:

  • 180 days of instruction per year, 900 hours or 224 hours per quarter required
  • the development of an Individualized Home Instruction Plan due August 15 or within 4 weeks of notification of intent to home school
  • a Letter of Intent to Home School due by July 1st or within 14 days of beginning home schooling
  • 4 quarterly reports which indicate the progress of your home schooler
  • annual evaluation

A couple of useful links for home schooling families are the following:

Plato Online Courses for Home Schoolers
Requirements for the Provision of Special Education Services to Home-Instructed Students
NYSED Commissioner's Regulations regarding Regents diplomas for home schoolers
Best wishes for success!


Forms and Other Useful Information for Providing Home Instruction


IHIP Form K-6
IHIP Form Grades 7 and 8
Welcome to Home Instruction
Writing a narrative assessment
Annual Evaluation and Testing Requirements
Instructions for Transcript Review
Transcript Worksheet
Quarterly Report Grades 9-12
Quarterly Report for grades 7-8
Overview of Responsibilities
Letter of Intent Form
IHIP Form 9-12
Quarterly Report Form K-6
CollegeNow Homeschool Student page
CollegeNow Online Course Guidelines
CollegeNow Online Student Success Checklist
24-Credit Hour Program information



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