We are now offering PLATO Courseware – FREE

We are extremely excited to be offering an online resource to homeschooling families this year! PLATO Courseware is a new curriculum resource that is available to Home Schooling Families through the TST BOCES Home Instruction Office.  This resource is paid for by the TST BOCES Home Instruction Office and is therefore free to Home Schooling Families that report to TST BOCES.  While you are planning and creating your instructional plan, you will have the opportunity to utilize the PLATO curriculum resources as additional supplemental material or as the basis of your instructional plan.

TST BOCES hosts PLATO webinars and workshops periodically throughout the year for families interested in using this Courseware and for those who have already begun using it. The PLATO Learning Environment Tutorials will give you a good idea of what the program looks like and how it works. The course catalog is also available for viewing to determine whether PLATO has the right courses for your family. Watch for PLATO training announcements to appear in the “Upcoming Events” section of the main Home Instruction webpage!


How it Works

Teen-computerParents/instructors and students interested in using PLATO will be assigned their own logins and placed into a “class” together.  Parents/instructors will be able to select, assign, customize, manage, grade and pull reports on their child(ren)’s coursework across any grade level within that class.  All reports must be submitted to the home instruction office via email, US mail or fax.

If you are interested in using PLATO Courseware, please send requests for user logins to Kelly Cooper via emailBe sure to include your district of residency, your child’s name, your child’s academic grade level, and the name of the parent/teacher who will be managing class assignments.