Work-Based Learning (CDOS Grant)

Work-Based Learning is an important aspect of all students’ educational experiences, which provides our students with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to succeed in a highly competitive workforce. By extending the classroom experience to involve our community, we give our students opportunities to connect academics to real work experiences.

Purpose of the Grant

Increase students with disabilities’ access to and participation in career and technical education (CTE) coursework, instruction in the Career Development and occupational Studies (CDOS) learning standards and work–based learning opportunities to fulfill requirements for the award of the New York State CDOS Commencement Credential.

What: Program Development Grant to Prepare Students with Disabilities to Exit School with Work Readiness Skills (CDOS Grant)

Where: TST BOCES plus 8 component School Districts

When: September 2015* – June 2018 (*we started February 2016)


CDOS Grant Cheat Sheet

  • Fosters community knowledge and involvement
  • Promotes good citizenship
  • Reinforces universal work values
  • Connects business models to educational systems
  • Provides mutually beneficial mentoring opportunities
  • Enhance workforce diversity
  • Strengthen relationships between school and community
  • Help future workers develop a clear understanding of workplace expectations
  • Build a potential pool of skilled and motivated workers
  • Learn entry-level, work-readiness skills and perform authentic tasks
  • Connect classroom learning to workplace experiences, making academics more relevant
  • Learn to navigate workplace systems
  • Increase knowledge of post-secondary career paths and options
  • Make community connections

Debbie Demers
Work-Based Learning Coordinator 
607-257-1551, ext. 5022