Meet Our Students

510a6e_c51e0f7231834eba8d43c2fcdd6fb69c.png_srb_p_268_389_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srbHello from Hilina

My name is Hilina. I am from Ethiopia and I speak Amharic. I came to Ithaca because my husband works for the City of Ithaca. I took English classes at BOCES ESL for more than a year and then got a paid internship at the School of Human Ecology at Cornell University. My husband and I also run an Ethiopian food kiosk at the Ithaca Farmers Market.


T. Dolma – NYACCE Student of the Year 2015

Dolma came to the U.S. from Tibet with 5 years of education. She spent 5 more years at BOCES Adult Education Programs and received her High School Equivalency diploma in 2014. She and 18 other students from all over New York State will be honored at a ceremony in Albany N.Y. in March.

Congratulations to Dolma!


Aung Htoo – Production Supervisor at Work

Aung Htoo, from Burma, studied English at BOCES for about two years. He went to work at Fingerlakes Fresh, a food and produce company, and recently was promoted to Production Supervisor.

Congratulations, Aung Htoo!


Hello from Mee Ngae

My name is Mee Ngae Soe. I’m from Burma. I speak the Karen language and Burmese.
I have been in Ithaca for three years. I came here because my country had a civil war.
I like Ithaca and the people but I don’t like to eat American food!
I want to speak English very well. I heard about BOCES ESL program from my friends.
I have been learning English at BOCES for three years. I am curious and interested. The teachers help me with the grammar. I have learned grammar and stories. The grammar and stories about history are very interesting. My classes help me in my daily life because now I can communicate with the doctor, my sponsor, and friends.

Aigul tells her story

My name is Aigul. I am from Kazakistan. I speak Russian, Turkish, and Kazak.
I have been here in Ithaca for one year and three months.
I moved to Ithaca because my spouse studies at Cornell. My goal is to live comfortably here with my family.
I like everything about these classes BOCES ESL offers here. My friend recommended this class to me. I started studying here last year in June.
I think these classes are very helpful. You can speak with native-English speaking teachers, and this has made learning English much faster.
Every day at school is very different. We learn something new every day.