CiTi BOCES “EAR-V” visits TST BOCES region

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educational audiology mobile unitThe TST BOCES region is currently the temporary home of the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation (CiTi) BOCES’ Educational Audiology Mobile Unit, affectionately named the “EAR-V.”

In an effort to reach more families – especially those in secluded, rural areas – the CiTi BOCES EAR-V provides easier access to hearing evaluations, central auditory process evaluations, hearing aid and hearing assistance technology verification and FM/DM verification services. The mobility provided by the unit means families aren’t required to travel great distances to attend scheduled appointments at other locations.

As families wait for the audiologists or audiometric technicians to complete their examinations, a small waiting area is available equipped with a viewing station and educational videos. The EAR-V also is equipped with a wheelchair ramp, staff work area, ample storage space, a sound booth, a variety of related equipment and a bathroom.