c-t-e student working with r-a-s eighth grader

RAS Middle School Students Get a Taste of Career and Tech Classes

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Six RAS students in eighth grade are participating in the Junior Career and Tech (JCAT) program to experience some CTE classes firsthand. Every other week, on Wednesday morning, the RAS students work with the second-year CTE students to learn some of the skills taught in those classes. This year, students visit the welding, outdoor power […]

fruits and vegetables

TST BOCES Faculty Participate in Whole Life Challenge

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Starting January 20, 2018 participating TST BOCES staff members will compete in the Whole Life Challenge to encourage a healthier lifestyle. The Whole Life Challenge is broken down into seven categories, called “habits,” such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and well-being. Participants set goals according to their lifestyles and earn points daily for each habit they […]

R-A-S student enjoying a thanksgiving celebration

Regional Alternative School Continues Thanksgiving Yearly Tradition

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Students and staff from the TST BOCES Regional Alternative School (RAS) gathered together Tuesday, November 21, for a community Thanksgiving celebration. The Thanksgiving celebration has been a tradition every year since RAS was known as the “TST Community School” and was located in downtown Ithaca instead of on campus on Warren Road. It helps those […]

Seniors mentor middle school students

RAS Seniors Mentor Middle School Students

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In the TST BOCES Regional Alternative School, older students bond with middle school students as part of Senior Mentor Program. The program allows RAS seniors and middle school students to interact in a group setting in order to develop meaningful, personal relationships. This year meetings have mostly consisted of “getting to know you” activities to […]

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RAS Students Find Employment With the Help of Ithaca Youth Bureau

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Youth Employment Service (YES), a program of the Ithaca Youth Bureau successfully worked with several (RAS) students to help empower them to find summer employment. YES has worked for more than 40 years to help youth in the area find employment. The program’s outreach effort connected them with RAS students at TST BOCES who were […]

Hoffman Challenge Course

Regional Alternative School Teams with Cornell Team and Leadership Center for “Alternative Leaders Project”

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The Regional Alternative School is thrilled to be moving forward on an exciting collaboration opportunity with the Cornell Team and Leadership Center, a division of Cornell Outdoor Education. The program is being called the Alternative Leaders Project and will offer a great development opportunity for both the RAS students and Cornell University students involved. Cornell […]

RAS Students Visit IC3 for Art Project

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Regional Alternative School (RAS) students went to the Ithaca Community Childcare Center to help lead an art project with a pre-K class. Inspired by the work of legendary abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky, the RAS middle-schoolers worked with the youngsters to create their own works of art. The students and kids listened to a medley of […]

The First “Learning at Lunch” Held At TST BOCES

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Students from the RAS and TASC preparation programs took advantage of a great opportunity during their lunch break. The first “Learning at Lunch” gave a group of juniors and seniors a chance to learn more about job prospects for after they graduate, while also enjoying a few slices of pizza. Heather Buck visited from the […]

Regional Alternative School hosts Thanksgiving Dinner

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TST BOCES students of the Regional Alternative School celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving feast, working together in the culinary classroom to prepare a glorious meal of turkey, potatoes, pie and more. Laughter and smiles filled the fully decorated CTE Café with Thanksgiving-themed decorations of green tablecloths, red napkins and paper cutouts of turkeys.  A good time […]