Supplemental Courses Offered to Career & Tech Students

In addition to the Career and Tech Programs, students may select to enroll in Physical Education, Business Mathematics and/or Science to fulfill mandatory graduation requirements.  These courses are taught as a separate supplemental course, in addition to the Career and Tech class, or these classes may be integrated within the Career and Tech course curriculum.


Offered during 1st year or 2nd year of CTE Program

This math course is designed to develop a thorough understanding and mastery of the arithmetic processes of business, and addresses finance at a practical and personal level. Students examine current economic conditions focusing on how they can impact their personal economic situations and learn how to apply mathematical principals to typical business problems. Topics include: percents, solving for unknowns, discounts, markups and markdowns, payroll, simple and compound interest, credit cards, home ownership, and other financial transactions.  Students who successfully meet the qualifications for Concurrent Enrollment from TC3 are eligible for college credit for this class.

Note:  This course satisfies one (1) credit of Math towards graduation.

College Credit
3 Concurrent Enrollment Credits from TC3  — BUAD 104 (Business Mathematics)
3 Concurrent Enrollment Credits from TC3  — BUAD 109 (Personal Money Management)


Offered during 1st year or 2nd year of CTE Program

Course Description: Mashed potatoes offer a veritable buffet of scientific questions.  Why do potatoes get softer when cooked?  They hold heat so well – could you insulate your house with them?  Why can’t you mash other vegetables like broccoli?  This humble food serves as an excellent example of the main idea of this course – that there are many different ways to examine one idea.  In this course, students will gain a strong background in the scientific method and laboratory techniques that will support a curious mind in making decisions and discoveries in any discipline.

This course is all about finding and exploring science in our lives – like the aforementioned science in mashed potatoes – focusing specifically on the science related to the thirteen different courses offered at the Career and Tech Center.  To connect to Cosmetology, we’ll investigate the tensile strength of human hair to see if various shampoos can back up their claim about an increase in strength, or find out why some engines can run smoothly on used vegetable oil, a concept that overlaps with our automotive and culinary programs.  In this respect, the course is immensely integrative; students must draw on past learning and put these ideas (and many that they will learn in the course) together in novel ways to create new knowledge.

The course will touch on algebra-based physics, chemistry, biology, and the earth sciences, but all from an angle that supports a connection to the Career and Tech Center courses.  The course is heavily lab-based and experiential, and will require the use of math, good laboratory skills, a curious mind and a positive attitude.

Note:  This course satisfies one (1) credit of Science towards graduation.


Offered during 1st year or 2nd year of CTE Program for participating schools

Course Description: This course will focus on team and individual sports, with a focus on life-long fitness.  Students are required to wear sneakers for class.

Note:  This course satisfies one (1/2) credit of Physical Education towards graduation


Students will earn one credit of Integrated Science and one credit of Integrated Math by successfully passing the two year course curriculum in Auto Technology and Culinary Arts.