Board of Education Goals


1. TST BOCES will be a viable and quality educational choice for services, as measured both by enrollment and by the degree to which our services reflect the most up-to-date research-based college-and career-ready curricular and service offerings that lead to successful learning outcomes for all students. 

2. TST BOCES will be recognized as the preferred provider of professional development, which is recognized for improving student learning outcomes, as measured by participation in direct professional development, requests for technical assistance, and a range of classroom impact data. 

3. TST BOCES will maintain and provide access to relevant and dynamic levels of integrated technology to students and staff, along with providing state-of-the-art technology-related services and opportunities for all stakeholders, in ways that respect the financial integrity of our component school districts. 

4. TST BOCES will convene opportunities to standardize economies of scale to benefit students, component districts, and municipalities, where such opportunities exist, with the goal of protecting the long-term financial viability of TST BOCES and its component school districts.  

5. TST BOCES will use existing facilities assessments to project future space  needs with an eye on capital improvements and expansion to meet current and anticipated demand for service. 

6. TST BOCES will apply data from its annual program assessment system when planning the future direction of the organization. 

7. TST BOCES will recruit, hire, train, support, and celebrate the highest quality  instructional, support, and administrative staff in the region, recognizing that it is our people who form the backbone and heart of our organization. 

8. TST BOCES will expand program offerings within Adult Education and External Programs  to align with workforce needs.